Calathea Pharma was established by Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry veterans to provide exclusive and strictly confidential services to the Pharmaceutical industry.
Calathea Pharma supports all stages of product development and lifecycle to clients in the Chemical, Pharma and related industries.

  1. With diverse and in-depth experience, our team provides services related to development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of API’s  and Finish Dosage products/ devices around the globe.
  2. Support our customers with building a strong competitive pipeline of products, enhance their R&D and manufacturing capabilities and capturing market opportunities.
  3. Escort investors and Private Equity firms in due diligence of target companies concentrating on industry expertise including evolution of business model, efficiency of R&D and manufacturing, strength of pipeline, competition, need of investments, GMP practices between other.
  4. Consult in finance and investment by building comprehensive business plan, evaluating company real needs in terms of technology, human resources, manufacturing capacity, regulatory, commercial, working capital and finance.
  5. Building sales force via global network of agents and managers, establishing customer support system and identify business opportunities. Managing of credit risk procedures.
  6. Asist companies is sourcing and procuring 1st class API and other materials.
  7. Build supply chain of procurement and sourcing:
    a)    Competitive intelligence;
    b)    Audits of suppliers;
    c)    Quality evaluations;
    d)    Developing of alternative sources;
  8. CMC services for new chemical/ therapeutic entities and generic projects.
    a)    Synthesis and process development: patent landscape review (PLR); non-infringing processes; process improvement and optimization, troubleshooting;
    b)    Analytical development: methods development and validation; orthogonal analytical methods;
    c)    Solid state: non-infringing strategies, special technologies and analytical solutions;
  9. Conflicts resolution   – Deficiencies letters from authorities and customers, disputes with authorities, lead investigations including root cause analysis.
    a)    Toxicology/ genotoxicity – evaluation and scientific opinions;
    b)    Special analytical techniques for troubleshooting;